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Members rating implemented
outie - 10-23-2006 at 09:42 PM

If you have not already noticed, there's a Rep rating in everyone's profile now.

Below that you will also see +/-:
(+) increase the member's reputation by 1
(-) decrease the member's reputation by 1

For every 10 positives you will get a green icon, likewise for negatives/red.

- You are not allowed to give rep to yourself. Don't try, it doesn't work
- There is a 3 hour time restriction before you can give another rep to the same/different member
- Do not offer outie $ in exchange for reps
- If you use multiple accounts to rep yourself, you are committing rep-fraud, and will have all your reps removed and the accounts in question banned from rep system

Please use this system wisely. All childish acts are prohibited. I have the log of every rep given. I have access to ban certain members from using the rep system completely.