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Some changes at outie.net
outie - 9-7-2003 at 03:30 PM

Front page will show latest TOPICS instead of latest POSTS.

In another word, new threads will get pushed off by another NEW thread only, NOT new reply.

IllusionX - 9-7-2003 at 03:32 PM

NICE!!!!this is better :)
so i won't miss anything anymore.. :P

outie - 9-7-2003 at 03:33 PM

Threads usually contain better stuff than junk replies, right?

GeneralX - 9-7-2003 at 03:39 PM

brilliant idea

outie - 9-7-2003 at 03:40 PM

One more thing I just did, if you have viewed the thread already, the little arrow icon will disappear immediately on the front page!

GeneralX - 9-7-2003 at 03:45 PM

hmm... brilliant one also:)

outie - 9-7-2003 at 03:46 PM

Actually I am still testing it. I don't think it's working perfectly...

GeneralX - 9-7-2003 at 03:49 PM

ganbatte kudasai

eraser_rx - 9-7-2003 at 04:29 PM

nice!!!! no more posts counts.......

outie - 9-7-2003 at 04:58 PM

Sure there is.. just no more members spotlight... pointless to take up the space =)

willyreally - 9-7-2003 at 05:27 PM

just change the address from ...engine7 to ...engine3 and u'll get back to the old one. outie, u should block that access. sometimes it goes back to the old one.

outie - 9-7-2003 at 05:28 PM

I don't think it's necessary to block their access to the old versions =)

willyreally - 9-7-2003 at 05:30 PM

u'r the boss, up to u then

IllusionX - 9-7-2003 at 05:32 PM

yeah, don't need to block access to the old versions..
i have added the old one to my favourites too... so i can check who has most posts still :P

eraser_rx - 9-7-2003 at 05:59 PM

and.......sometimes you can check recent post in engine 3......kinda useful.......

IllusionX - 9-7-2003 at 06:01 PM

recent posts are shown on engine7 with an arrow...

eraser_rx - 9-7-2003 at 06:03 PM

not use to the arrows yet........still gonna use engine 3 for a while.....

IllusionX - 9-7-2003 at 06:04 PM

oh, the arrows are those you haven't viewed since last logon...

outie - 9-7-2003 at 06:06 PM


I am gonna remove the old engines!

IllusionX - 9-7-2003 at 06:07 PM

haha don't i use it to check who has the most posts :P :cool:

outie - 9-7-2003 at 06:08 PM

I still can't get the arrows to work perfectly!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

screw the "recent" replies! newest threads allllllllllllllll the way!

outie - 9-7-2003 at 06:11 PM

You can tell who has the most posts by checking the memberlist... -_-

pig - 9-7-2003 at 08:18 PM

i think you should have "Back to: outie.net" on the bottom also to make it easier for us.

outie - 9-7-2003 at 08:53 PM


seiichi - 9-7-2003 at 09:13 PM

i am not worthy!

outie - 9-7-2003 at 10:46 PM

Now you can click "outie.net MMF" on the bottom left to go back to the front page.

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