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Getting a MTM suit in Hong Kong(Review)
h2oooo - 3-6-2013 at 10:02 PM

Hey Outie, here's my contribution in trying to liven up the forum.

Since my sister's wedding is coming up, I decided to get a three piece/ four piece suit made. A three piece suit with an extra pair of pants. Navy blue, peak lapels, slim cutting, side vents etc. Basically a staple suit that I can wear to formal events (aka the wedding) and at work. The only special request I had was for the pants to be rather slim, but with a single pleat. I sit on my ass a lot at work and pleats are just far more comfortable.

However, being a student, I cannot afford a tailored suit at some of the more established Styleforum places. A Timeless tailor (http://www.atimeless.com/en/) had a Groupon promotion going on, but there was no customization available for their deal. A four piece suit ordered through their normal channel would cost about 8000 HKD, far above my budget.

I headed over to TST to check out cheaper options. My friend had ordered shirts from some shops before at 67 Mody Road (Peninsuala Center), with the price being 399 HKD for 3. there were about 10-20 different tailor shops here, so asking for prices was a bit overwhelming. The sales people were generally quite well mannered, but determined to do business. I was quoted prices for a 4 piece suit (in the same cloth) ranging from 2400 HKD to 7000 HKD. Identifying myself as a student generally helped lower prices a bit, whereas identifying myself as a Canadian bumped up the prices as well.

Most shops were able to accomodate my simple requests, as well as provide two fittings (or so they said). I walked around the Center a bit more and bumped into a shop called Camay Tailors (http://camaytailor.com/e/default_home.asp). This shop was run by two gentlemen, one older and one assistant. They were not pushy at all and was very focused on what body type I had. One thing that really made these guys stand out (me being a newbie to MTM or bespoke suits) was how they correctly identified that with my forward leaning and broad shoulders, most RTW suits i buy would crease between the shoulder blades. I tried on some of their samples and really liked the workmanship on their suits.

I talked a bit more with the older manager (Louie) as the assistant was dealing with overseas orders. He showed me some cloth samples, and I settled in on a royal blue cloth with a hint of stripes. Louie was very straightforward with the prices. Prices ranged from 4000 HKD all the way to 10,000 HKD, depending on the cloth. I settled for something in the middle.

I will continue updating this thread to hopefully provide an objective review of this store. First fitting is this Saturday so I will get some pictures as well!


genki - 3-6-2013 at 11:05 PM

I was reading this thinking... wtf is MTM? is it a style or material? Quick search reveals it means "made to measure"

I remember when people used to just say "tailored suit". Then all these pretentious fuckers found it trendy to call them "Bespoke"

Gyzal - 3-6-2013 at 11:52 PM

I know g2k suit aren't customized, but when I was in hk, I picked up a few and they fit perfectly fine.
They are priced decently.

h2oooo - 3-7-2013 at 12:01 AM

Haha, bespoke and MTM are two different things ("custom made" and "tailored suit" are just general terms). Bespoke costs a shit-ton more (base price is around $700-$800, but generally $1k +) because it is actually made just for you. MTM is somewhere in between RTW (ready to wear) and bespoke, as the tailor uses premade blocks to cut the fabric.


If you have a good tailor and a not-so-weird body, MTM is excellent.

@Gyzal, if you can find a brand which makes suits that fit you perfectly, that's great! I have rather broad shoulders and a tiny waist, so am giving MTM a try. It is actually cheaper than most of the suits I have right now.

Here is the look I am going for with this project:


junda69 - 3-9-2013 at 04:55 PM

i have a radical suggestion. take a flight to bangkok and you can get a 4 piece suit made for around 200 usd. check out amara watergate - there are 4 awesome tailors there that compete with each other. i had a wool coat made for around 180 usd as well.

sobakchi - 8-15-2013 at 09:50 PM

People still buy MTM?
It costs less than 200 for a 2 piece now..
Just find the right guy.
G2K sucks.