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Hot weather Job Interview
Analfication - 6-16-2013 at 07:10 PM

Anyone been to a job interview when it was hot and humid?

What did you wear? a suit and tie necessary?

R-Type - 6-16-2013 at 07:51 PM

i wore a suit.

IllusionX - 6-17-2013 at 07:18 AM

depends on the kind of job you are applying. You should dress appropriately.

You would probably go interview in jeans and t-shirt for a McDonald's job.
Wear a suit for a sales rep job
dress shirt + tie for an accountant job
casual for an IT technician job.

Not sure you would get the job at mcDonald's if you wore a suit to interview.. or a t-shirt for a sales rep job.. LOL

schen04 - 6-17-2013 at 03:52 PM

i walked into lexus on a hot sujmmer afternoon after i had painted my dads house. i was in dirty jeans and a dirty t shirt i was just going to drop my resume. but got a interview and hired on the spot while there was sstill dry paint on my arms.

Arashi - 6-17-2013 at 10:41 PM

Best thing to do is do a little research on the company and see how the office atmosphere is. It gives you a good idea how to dress and how to speak at the interview as well.

If in doubt though, I would always rather overdress than underdress for an interview

NewLife - 6-18-2013 at 03:52 PM

I wear a suit with a shirt and tie but usually no pants or underwear on.

ipanda - 6-20-2013 at 07:37 PM

A 100% wool suit isn't bad. Linen suits work too but I don't like how they wrinkle easily. You'll die in a polyester suit though even if it's wool blend.

Hungdo - 6-22-2013 at 09:46 PM

I wore suit and tie. It's not so bad if you drive. Only time you will feel the heat and humidity is your walk to and from the car. If you are taking public transportation, then I still suggest you wear the suit and tie. Unless you're Indian then don't, but you're on Outie so you're probably asian like the rest of us

NewLife - 6-23-2013 at 01:30 PM

He isn't Indian. Indian's have their own forums.

sobakchi - 8-15-2013 at 09:36 PM

That's racist.
And there's something called a SUMMER SUIT